Redevelopment Expert Exchange

re_2_logo_FINAL     The Redevelopment Expert Exchange (“The Exchange” or RE2) facilitates redevelopment experience-sharing between West Virginia communities. The Exchange matches redevelopment leaders from across the state with communities facing similar opportunities and challenges, allowing communities to learn from the best practices and experiences of their peers across the state. This exchange of ideas is facilitated at a work session arranged by the NBAC. At the work session, the redevelopment expert shares details on how to address a specific opportunity or challenge. They then work through any questions the host community has, discuss the specifics of the host’s circumstance, and find ways for the community to learn from the experience of the expert. The expert provides any materials or resources that are available and that were helpful in their own experience to help the host community address their current situation.DSCN3644   Exchanges are determined by need and/or request by a particular community. We are also looking for additional experts to work with communities. Exchange topics vary as much as communities vary. Sample topics include:
  • Administering EPA grants
  • Attracting developers
  • Engaging the media
  • Downtown revitalization
  • Creating urban redevelopment authorities
  • Establishing land reuse agencies
  • Structuring public-private partnerships

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