WV Redevelopment Collaborative

The West Virginia Redevelopment Collaborative (WVRC) is a program of the Northern WV Brownfields Assistance Center. Funded by the Claude Worthington Bendum Foundation, the WVRC  enhances the capacity for community and economic development on complex projects in West Virginia communities. The Collaborative assembles multi-disciplinary teams to provide communities with expertise and guidance which will catalyze a brownfield project to the next level in the redevelopment process.

The Redevelopment Collaborative addresses two of the major challenges to brownfield redevelopment: (1) capacity and (2) uncertainty. The lack of local capacity (time and expertise) to identify all the necessary resources to tackle the project often leads to long project delays and frustration, and at times perpetuates false perceptions about project barriers. The uncertainty of a successful outcome to the project, due to concerns about liability, site conditions, and an often unwarranted fear of public reaction to the project also contributes to project delays. Often, communities are unsure of how to engage the right players, or what programs and services are available to advance the project to completion. While a number of programs and services exist to assist communities in different aspects of the redevelopment process, a comprehensive approach to projects is needed to overcome these challenges and to streamline the long and often arduous community transition that is necessary during the community revitalization process.

The Redevelopment Collaborative uses a team approach to addressing these challenges.The Collaborative includes a number of partners and members from the legal, development, and environmental communities, as well as the academic disciplines of landscape architecture, design, public administration, and recreational planning. Brownfield Redevelopment Teams composed of members from these diverse fields are created to meet the specific needs of individual projects and to guide them through the WV redevelopment process.